Saturday, October 31, 2009

Welcome to our blog!

Today we held our first gathering. Carol put out a call for all of the African American quilters in the Greater Harrisburg, PA area to get together this afternoon. This has been something she has been wanting to do for awhile; I hope she is able to write about it here on the blog at some point. LaQuita had a lot to do with this, as well. We are so thankful to them both!

So, the appointed day has come and gone, and wow! It was amazing.

Carol is formally welcoming us, and sharing her vision for our group.

We are each sharing our quilting journey--how we got started, who influenced us, who taught us, and where our journey has brought us to at this point. We are sharing and listening with excitement and anticipation; finally, a group of likeminded quilting addicts!!! What you can't see here is that we have already begun planning future fabric shopping trips!

We of course had a Show and Tell; we brought our projects and shared them with the group. We will need to think about creating a photo gallery of our work at some point, but here is just one of the many quilts that was shared. The first photo is the top, and the second photo is the back! What an incredible piecing job was done on the back, even!

We will be getting together again within a month. Carol was SO generous; not only did she prepare the food (and it was delicious!), but she also provided two fat quarters to each quilter, so that we could all create a block or two to contribute to a group quilt. We are SO excited!


  1. Laurel,

    Thanks so much for creating this space for us to communicate and stay in touch with each other between our get togethers! And of course I can't thank Carol and Laquita enough for so generously organizing and hosting our first gathering. I feel so blessed to be in a group of such generous folk!

    I am looking forward to our next gathering and will bring something tasty as well.

    Much Love,


  2. Hi I found you at the Hacc Family Festival. My Mom and Aunt left me a quilt that needs a major overhaul. I am willing to pay whatever you quote to fix this most valuable heirloom for me. I can take pics of it for you if uou want or I would glad to bring it to uour address on Ethel. I have been looking for help to fix it for years.
    If you cannot help maybe you can redirect me to someone who can. My email address is We can go from there. Thank you for your time. DD