Monday, June 28, 2010

June 26 Road Trip

We went to the York Quilt Show. There were SO many beautiful quilts.

This guild's show gave us a glimpse as to how we could create our own show, which we've been debating for a few months now. There is a LOT of work involved, but I believe we're up for the challenge.

Afterwards, we got a bite to eat. What is a quilting gathering/outing without food?!!

What a great day. :)


  1. Hello
    Just wanted to make you award of my Quilt Retreat/Seminar schedule for Orlando Floriday in January 2011, complete information can be found at
    Hope to see you here next year.
    Juanita Yeager

  2. Hello! If you are considering other quilt road trips, do check out the April 2 one-day symposium and workshop at the Lancaster Quilt and Textile Museum. I'll share insights on African American quilt history as well as a workshop on how to tell stories through quilts. Best, Kyra