Saturday, March 20, 2010

March 20 gathering

We discussed a number of topics this afternoon:
  • boot camp (Evelyn will be conducting this; contact her for details)
  • we decided to do a Block of the Month (BOM) quilt; as we have quilters at a variety of different levels, it is perhaps wisest to do a different block every month to demonstrate the skills/techniques needed for constructing various types of blocks
  • we showed quilts! (see flickr)
  • birthdays (Cindy 1/17, Lana 4/8, Joyce 4/25, Vivian 5/18, Sydney 5/30, Adrian 7/27, Cherry 9/8, Gloria 9/29, Laurel 11/3, Joann 11/6, Alora 11/14, Evelyn all of December); we will need to get the other birthdays
  • Piecemakers (Middletown quilters) will be hosting an interesting speaker next Wednesday 3/24
  • food next month (Carol--chicken, Vernie--calico beans and greek pasta salad, Laurel--green salad, Lana/Sydney--dessert, Alora-dessert and drinks)

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